Sophia boy died of pneumonia

- autopsy finds

Marlon Jordan

Marlon Jordan, the three-year-old boy who was discovered dead in his grandparents’ Sophia house last Wednesday, died as a result of pneumonia, a post-mortem examination has found.

The dead child’s mother, Marcia Jordan, yesterday confirmed the findings to Sunday Stabroek.

She said while she was not aware that Marlon was suffering from the illness, she knew he would often experience a severe cold.

Marcia said based on her knowledge, Marlon would use medication for the cold. She said she would also send the money in order for her mother, Patricia Jordan, to take him to the hospital but she was unsure if she ever did.

A relative, who wished not to be named, had told this newspaper that prior to his death, Marlon was not well and Marcia had sent money on three occasions for him to be taken to a doctor and though Patricia collected the money, she never took him.

The Child Care and Protection Agency has since launched an investigation into the child’s death.

Marlon lived with his grandparents, Patricia, 58, and Alex Cameron, 61, and his two siblings, ages 11 and 4, in a wooden shack at Lot 550 ‘C’ Field, Sophia.

The children are being financially supported by Marcia, who lives and works in the interior. She travelled to Georgetown on Wednesday following the news of Marlon’s death.

“Me grandson never sick, you know. Never, never. Because when I did going and drop this next one to school, he was out here to me. He she, ‘Granny I could come?’ Meh she, ‘No baby, like yuh ain’t feeling good.’ And he left and go back inside,” Patricia had related to this newspaper after the boy was found dead.

She noted that she was returning home on Wednesday morning when she met her son on the road and he told her, “Mommy go in dah house and see wah going on.”

As a result, Patricia said she rushed into the shack, where she discovered Marlon’s lifeless body.

According to Patricia, she left Marlon in the care of his grandfather. She said his death came as a shock since he showed no signs of illness in the past.

Residents of the neighbourhood had expressed concerns at the conditions under which the children were living.

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