Grangers have had medical checks in T&T for over 12 years – Ministry

President David Granger and First Lady Sandra Granger (first and second from right) at the Good Health Medical Centre in Trinidad and Tobago (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

The Ministry of the Presidency yesterday said that medical checks for President David Granger and First Lady, Sandra Granger have been done for over 12 years in Trinidad and Tobago.

In a statement, the Ministry appeared to be responding to questions and criticisms on social media about an announcement on Sunday that the First Couple was proceeding to Trinidad for check-ups.

The statement said the couple completed their first round of medical examinations at the Good Health Medical Centre in Trinidad and Tobago under a Caribbean medical insurance scheme, and the results indicate a clean bill of health thus far.

The statement said that Mrs. Granger first joined the scheme 28 years ago as a staff member at the Caribbean Community Secretariat, and the President, as her spouse, was eligible to participate.

“The First Couple has been traveling to Trinidad and Tobago for annual medical examinations for over 12 years, long before the President’s entrance into politics.  They will both undergo two more days of physical examinations and medical tests as part of their annual medical check-up, which is usually done in August each year”, the statement added.

It noted that the President opted to do those tests in May this year so that he would be in Guyana for the lead up to Local Government Elections which are due this year.

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