Man gets three years for possession of 8.4 grammes of ganja

Carl Mangal

A city magistrate yesterday handed down the minimum sentence of three years in jail to a man who admitted to being in possession of just over 8 grammes cannabis for trafficking.

Carl Mangal appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman, who read the charge to him. He admitted that on May 18th, at Princes Street, Lodge, he had 8.4 grammes of cannabis in his possession for trafficking.

Police prosecutor Arvin Moore told the court that the police, acting on information, went to Mangal’s home, where a search was conducted and the narcotics were found in two Ziploc bags.

After Mangal learnt that he would be sentenced to three years in jail and fined $30,000 for the crime, he pleaded for community service.

His mother, who was present, began to cry and proclaimed her son’s innocence, while adding that the police were only called because her sister had a problem with Mangal.

Things didn’t end there as Mangal’s common-law wife burst into the courtroom, falling in the process, while holding their young baby girl. In a fit of tears, she begged the magistrate not to jail the man.

Despite the tears and pleas, Magistrate Latchman explained that her ruling was in keeping with the law and that the family had the option of appealing the decision.


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