Independence Day costume parade for 11 am start

-vending spots still available

The planning committee for the Guyana Carnival yesterday issued a reminder of the parade route for Saturday’s Independence Day costume parade, and the Mayor and City Council has indicated that there are still spots available for vending.

The Independence Day parade is slated for an 11 am start.

Patrons are advised that the parade route will begin at the Kitty roundabout, from where revellers will proceed onto Vlissengen Road, before heading along Homestretch Avenue, into Jubilee Park. There, the revellers will rest before proceeding to the National Park, where a soca rave is to be held.

At a news conference yesterday at the Herdmans-ton Lodge, Traffic Officer Deputy Superintendent Dennis Stephen advised that those attending the event carpool and have designated drivers.

He related that there would be road closure at Homestretch and Mandela Avenue, with no vehicular traffic being allowed to proceed west. He therefore advised that persons park within Crown Street and other access streets linking to Vlissengen Road.

Vendors, as well as spectators, are urged to congregate early to avoid impeding the flow of the parade.

The revellers will begin assembling at 10 am.

Bobby Vieira, Chairman of the organising committee, advised that those with children congregate at the Jubilee Park to view the festivities, as he noted that the parade would circle the venue a few times before the participants retire briefly, prior to moving to the National Park.

“There is no competition. People are just gonna go have a good time,” he said, while noting that the parade will feature several sections. “…There is the Genesis section, there is the Pulse, there’s BK and there’s the section called Unique, which is the design your own costume section and this of course is gonna be one of the highlights of the parade,” Vieira stated.

For those eager to view the parade as it passes along the route, they are to assemble along Irving Street.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor Akeem Peter noted that there are still a number of spots to be taken up by vendors. To access these, vendors can make contact with relevant officials at the City Council.

Peter related that the vending spots between Thomas Street, Kitty and the seawalls are $10,000; the spots between Thomas Street and Lamaha Street are $12,000; and those between Lamaha Street and Church Street are $15,000. Those located at the Square of the Revolution are $15,000.

Guyana Carnival constitutes 10 days of events, which include a variety of fetes, including boat cruises, J’ouvert, mega concerts, breakfast parties, and pool parties.

Since the announcement of the carnival, the committee has been marketing packages, which include access to fetes, costumes and accommodation.

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