Mon Repos labourer fatally stabbed after ‘chic-chic’ altercation

-businessman, son arrested

Brian Dwarka

A 23-year-old Mon Repos man died after he was stabbed in his chest early yesterday morning about a dozen houses away from his home.

According to information reaching Stabroek News, Brian Dwarka, a labourer of 128 Mon Repos South was at a barbecue and lime when he and his friends were attacked by a businessman and several other men.

Dwarka and his friends ran away and he ended up in a nearby yard where he was stabbed once in the left side of his chest and was left to bleed on the ground.

Chandramattie Sanchar, Dwarka’s aunt who he has been living with all his life, said yesterday that she last saw her nephew around 9 pm when he came home.

“Last night he tell me he going to the barbecue and I buy a fried rice for him. He come home back and eat the fried rice and I told him that when he’s finished he should go sleep because he worked hard yesterday [Saturday],” the visibly distraught woman said.

She said  that around midnight she heard loud screaming and people running along the road to her house. When she made an enquiry she found out that it was her son and several of his  friends.

Sanchar was told that her son, Dwarka and their friends were attacked by several men and were chased away from the event. While they were able to escape, they realised that Dwarka was not with them and returned to the scene where they found his body in a yard with a stab wound to his chest.

According to Derick Mahadeo, one of Dwarka’s friends who was with him on Saturday night at the event, the now-deceased man was playing ‘chic-chic’ and gambling when an argument ensued between them and the alleged perpetrators.

Mahadeo explained that Dwarka started dominating the game and was winning a lot of money when he was accused by the businessman of cheating. The businessman then asked for him to return the money he had won and when Dwarka refused several other men approached them with glass bottles and started attacking them. Mahadeo said that he was told that Dwarka tried to escape by jumping a resident’s fence and ended up in the yard where he was attacked and killed.

The family said when they arrived on the scene no one wanted to assist them in taking the man’s body to the hospital.

“No one wanted to help. To offer a sheet to cover his body or a car to take him to the hospital, nothing. They had about 30 men around the scene and a lot of other people and they were just looking on and not offering any help at all,” one of Dwarka’s cousins related.

The man’s body was picked up by the Guyana Police Force and transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Acting on information, the police visited the home of 50-year-old businessman Suraj Singh and his son, 24-year-old Andrew Singh and both are now in custody.

It was also related that Suraj had visited the police station earlier and made a report that Dwarka had robbed and beaten him up. The ranks were unaware that he was a suspect in the murder and  issued a medical to him. He took the medical to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was then arrested and is now in police custody assisting with the investigations.

Dwarka’s family said that he was a “nice and humble person” and willing to do anything for anyone. His mother, who lives in Suriname, returned to the country yesterday morning after she was told that her son had been killed.  

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