Security officer gets bail on assault charge

A 44-year-old security officer was yesterday released on $60,000 bail after he denied an assault charge.

The charge alleged that Dexter Cush on March 20th, at Sussex and Longden Streets, unlawfully assaulted Edwin Myles, causing actual bodily harm.  Cush appeared in a city court after an arrest warrant was issued for him. His attorney, however, informed the court that his client travels back and forth between the city and the interior and was unaware that the matter was brought to the courts.

Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore stated that on the day in question, there was a misunderstanding between Cush and the complainant and Cush dealt the man a cuff to his left temple. The man was taken to the hospital and he subsequently made a report to the police.

Moore made no objections to bail being granted and Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman placed Cush on $60,000 bail and adjourned the matter until May 31st.

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