Foreign Ministry concerned at map without Essequibo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday expressed deep concern over an image on two websites depicting Guyana without its known internationally recognised borders.

 In a statement, the ministry noted that this image appeared on the website of the American Home and Beauty Centre and also on that of the state-owned Guyana Chronicle.

The two maps were without the county of Essequibo. The county is claimed by Venezuela and  Caracas-linked groups have circulated such maps on the internet for a number of years.

“The shape of Guyana’s 83,000 square miles is unmistakable. From the dawn of our independence to this day, we have spared no effort to preserve our sovereignty and territorial integrity. This act which occurred on our 52nd Anniversary of Independence should serve as a sobering reminder that the threats to our territory remain real and dangerous. The Ministry has noted with appreciation and pride the immediate and defensive responses by our citizens over this despicable image”, the statement said.

 It added that the Ministry has not ruled out the “strong possibility” that this could be a cyber-attack and is looking into the matter.

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