Man accused of impregnating teenaged step-daughter died from poisoning – autopsy

An autopsy performed on the man accused of impregnating his 13-year-old stepdaughter has confirmed that he ingested a poisonous substance.

The cause of death was confirmed by Police Public Relations Officer, Jairam Ramlakhan.

Meanwhile, the Child Care and Protection Agency (CPA) continues to monitor the mental and physical health of the victim, who has been severely traumatized by the ordeal, head of the agency, Ann Greene, related.

A relative of the child told this newspaper that the 13-year-old had long complained about being sexually abused by her mother’s live-in boyfriend, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. The now close to six months pregnant child had been left in the care of the man when her mother went to the United States, staying there for an extended period.

Upon the mother’s return, the relative said the girl complained to her that the abuse had increased but her complaints were dismissed.  Pregnant and unable to stand the torment anymore, the child confided in one of her school teachers, who immediately called in the CPA.

The relative said that upon hearing that the authorities had been notified, the man bought a poisonous substance and went to a nearby cemetery, where it is alleged he drank it and died.

Greene has said that her agency was awaiting the post-mortem before it decided on how to notify the child that the man is dead.

She was quick to point out that at this time, the CPA’s primary concern was getting the necessary counseling and medical help that the young girl needs as she has not had any ante-natal treatment and doctors who recently examined her have categorised her as a high risk patient.

“It is so hard on these children, it is very traumatising on this child that you cannot imagine. We are getting her counseled and getting all the medical treatment and examinations and tests and those things that are necessary…,” Greene said.

The CPA has lamented the increase in the number of cases it has had to deal with recently and is urging the public to be vigilant of the most vulnerable and step in when they see children are being abused.

“Like I said, last week we had a really hard week. There were several cases…a lot of things are happening. We can hardly leave for home in the afternoon, with the amount of things that are happening to our children some nights we are here until 11[pm],” Greene said.

“The thing is, child abuse will always be with us, but 90% of cases are preventable and will be preventable. We have to work toward the preventing of child abuse. We are appealing, we are reaching out to communities and are begging citizens to do something. If you know and you see something suspicious please report it. Don’t wait until the end and then say you had suspect or had known this or that. Do something so we can prevent abuse. We are working to build partnerships, we want those partnerships with communities [so] that we can prevent child abuse,” she added.

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