Accused in $1M break and enter attack gets bail

Guy Edmondson

A man was yesterday placed on bail after he denied stealing items valued over $1,000,000 in a break and enter attack.

It was alleged that Guy Edmondson, 22, on May 22nd, 2018, at Independence Boulevard, in the company of another, broke and entered the home of Natasha Haimchand and stole over US$3,000, a quantity of American Eagle underpants, valued $16,000, three cellphones and other items. The stolen items, inclusive of the case, carried a total value of $1,336,000.

Edmondson pleaded not guilty to the charge. His attorney stated that Edmondson knows the complainant.

However, Haimchand told the court that she did not know Edmondson but had seen him before. The woman stated that a mutual friend, Imran Khan, who is a policeman, brought Edmondson to her home some time ago to look at some items she had to sell.

Haimchand stated that on the day in question, Edmondson along with Khan were helping her take some boxes into her home. The two men went into the home before her. Edmondson then reportedly raised an alarm, saying that a thief had been in her home. The men stayed in the home with her and helped her look for the alleged thief. Haimchand said her neighbours later told her they saw Edmondson in the yard with a bag when she was not at home on the same day.

The prosecutor also told the court that the police have been keeping a close eye on Khan.

After hearing from the parties, Magistrate Leron Daly then placed Edmondson on $80,000 bail and adjourned the matter until June 14th.  

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