Bandits steal over $1.5M in electronics, watches in Eccles home invasion

Masked bandits early yesterday morning invaded an Eccles, East Bank Demerara, home, where they attacked a family and carted off valuables amounting to over $1.5 million.

The attack occurred around 2.30 am, when police said two men wearing masks entered the house at Block “EE” Eccles, and demanded cash and valuables from the occupants.

Police said the men gained entry into the house from a southern window on the lower flat of the home. They then kicked open a door leading to bedroom of the victims, Krista Vincent, 29, Mohamed Zameer, 30, and Prathish Madan, 19, and held them at gunpoint.

The bandits, police said, were armed with handguns.

After the men demanded cash, the victims reportedly informed them that they did not have any. The gunmen then proceeded to tie up their victims. The men, at this point, continued to demand cash and valuables. After not receiving positive responses, the bandits left the victims in the room and ransacked the rest of the house.

During their search, the men found a watch worth $80,000, another valued at $120,000, a wedding band valued at $250,000 and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone worth $80,000, which were all the property of Vincent. They also found two Movado watches, valued at $600,000, a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, valued at $140,000, and an Amazon tablet, valued at $40,000, which were all the property of Zameer, and a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, value $60,000, and a Dell laptop, valued $200,000, which belonged to Madan.

After gathering the valuables, the bandits escaped.

The victims later managed to free themselves and made a report to the police.  

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