Confessed burglars get one year each for breaking and entering crimes

Khemraj Ramgobin

A Timehri youth was yesterday sentenced to one year in prison by a city court after he admitted to breaking and entering a house.

Khemraj Ramgobin, 23, admitted that on May 29th, at Wismar, Linden, he broke and entered the home of Anthony Lieu-Ken-Pen.

Ramgobin pleaded guilty to the offence.

Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield told the court of acting Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus that on the day in question, Ramgobin, while armed with a cutlass, broke down the door to Lieu-Ken-Pen’s home. However, Mansfield added that two relatives of the Lieu-Ken-Pen were at home at the time and they raised an alarm. As a result, Ramgobin was subsequently arrested.

“I was really hungry and I was calling [a] really, really long, but I didn’t get to go inside far,” Ramgobin told the court before the sentence was imposed by Magistrate Isaacs-Marcus.

Also sentenced yesterday to one year in prison for breaking and entering was Junior Luther, who admitted to stealing over $200,000 in valuables from a Kitty storeroom.

The charge stated that on May 31st, at Pike Street, Kitty, Luther broke and entered the storeroom of Suzette Grant and stole a bicycle, valued $8,000, two computer speakers, valued $12,000, nine pairs of shoes, valued $200,000, and other items valued $30,000.

Luther pleaded guilty to the charge.

Prosecutor Sanj Singh subsequently told Georgetown Magistrate Leron Daly that on the day of the crime, Grant secured her home and went to work. Around 5 pm, she was alerted by a neighbour that someone had broken into her storeroom. The neighbour then alerted the police. When Grant arrived at the scene, she saw Luther with a black bag containing some of the stolen items.

Magistrate Daly subsequently imposed the one-year sentence on the man.

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