Police charge `untidy’ driver, conductor over bus `packed like sardines’

Following the circulation of a video showing dozens of children packed into a bus “like sardines”, the police have slapped a series of charges against a driver and a conductor.

The driver, Leon Jaggernaught, 38, of Laluni Highway and conductor Joshua Khan, 22 of 560 Golden Grove EBD will make their court appearance tomorrow at Court Two of the Providence Magistrates’ Court.

They have been charged with the following offences:

1.      Overcrowded Front Seat

2.      Breach of Insurance

3.      Untidy Driver

4.      Overloaded Minibus

5.      Untidy Conductor

6.      Unlicensed Conductor

The bus in question (Police photo)

The bus in question is BWW 7259.

The police said that the article on Facebook indicated that 45 schoolchildren were in the minibus. However, both driver and conductor told Police that there were 24 children in the bus. However,  looking at the video, the police said it seemed clear that the children were “packed like sardines”.


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