Ex-cop charged with million-dollar break in, assault on policeman

Imran Khan

A former policeman was yesterday charged with breaking into a woman’s house and stealing over $1 million in goods and also later assaulting a police officer.

Imran Khan, 25, of 1753 Second Avenue, Westminster, West Bank Demerara, appeared before Georgetown Magistrate Leron Daly, who read a charge to him, stating that on May 22nd, 2018, at Independence Boulevard, he broke and entered the house of Natasha Haimchand and stole over US$3,000 in currency, a quantity of American Eagle underpants, valued $16,000, three cellphones and other items. The stolen items, inclusive of the cash, carried a total value of $1,336,000.

It was also alleged that the accused on May 26th, at Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, assaulted Lance Corporal 18437 Mark Moses, a peace officer acting in the execution of his duties.

Khan denied the charges and his attorney requested that he be granted reasonable bail, saying that the former lawman was not a flight risk.

With no objection by the police prosecutor, Magistrate Daly granted Khan his release on a total of $130,000 bail; $100,000 on the breaking and entering charge, and $30,000 on the assault charge.

The proceedings for the break and enter and larceny charge were subsequently adjourned until July 6th, while proceedings relative to the assault complaint were transferred to the court of Magistrate Dylon Bess for a hearing on June 14th.

Last week, another man, Guy Edmondson, was also charged with breaking and entering the home of Haimchand and stealing the items for which Khan has been charged.

During Edmondson’s arraignment, Haimchand had told the court that a mutual friend, Khan, who is a policeman, took Edmondson to her home some time ago to look at some items she had to sell.

Haimchand had stated that on the day in question, Edmondson along with Khan were helping her take some boxes into her home. The two men went into the home before her. Edmondson then reportedly raised an alarm, saying that a thief had been in her home. The men stayed in the home with her and helped her look for the alleged thief. Haimchand had said that her neighbours later told her they saw Edmondson in the yard with a bag when she was not at home on the same day.

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