Coalition of NGOs in HIV/AIDS now based in Cummings Lodge

The Cummings Lodge Community Centre home of the National Coordination Coalition

After nearly two decades of existence the National Coordination Coalition (NCC) has moved into its first home at the Cummings Lodge Community Centre in ‘E’ Field, Sophia.

The NCC was born out of a 1999 USAID project designed to support a core of NGOs involved in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and support activities.

These NGOs formed the National Coordinating Committee, now called the National Coordinating Coalition. The coalition has specific responsibility for the oversight, coordination, and monitoring of project results.

However, as international financial support decreases the sustainability of both NCC and the 38 Non-Governmental organizations which comprise its membership are in jeopardy.

The NCC is therefore hoping to find new sources of funding so as to sustain the national HIV/AIDS response in the future.

These efforts will be led from its new office Executive Director, Simone Sills explained even as she noted that the organization intends to imbed itself into its adopted community so as to be useful not just in the fight against HIV/AIDS but in improving literacy and employment prospects.

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