Joint Services called into quell prison feud

Security was beefed up around the prison due to the disturbance. (File Photo)

An ongoing feud among prisoners at the Camp Street Prison yesterday resulted in the Joint Services being called in to calm the unrest.

Deputy Prisons Director, Kevin Pilgrim last evening told Stabroek News that the issue is under control and plans are being made to relocate the “instigators.”

Pilgrim explained that in the prison there has been feuding between two groups of prisoners over the  theft of personal items.

“As a result of this feud they had an argument and the prisoners broke the beds and tried to arm themselves. However, the senior officer was alerted of this and he summoned the Joint Services to the prison through the commander and they were able to calm the situation,” Pilgrim explained.

He noted that a few persons in the prison had been “instigating this issue. There seems to be some idle men and so we are looking to relocate them.”

The prisons system has been hit by serious unrest and violence in the last three years which saw 17 Camp Street prisoners dying in a fire in 2016 and most of the Camp Street facility being demolished in a blaze  last year. There was also severe unrest at the Lusignan facility after prisoners from Camp Street were relocated there last year.

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