Duo fined over Bartica theft

Two men were yesterday fined for a recent theft in Bartica, while their co-accused was granted bail after he pleaded not guilty.

Mark Bryan Griffith, Conan Speede and Dwayne Washington yesterday stood before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, who read them a charge which stated that between May 1st and June 7th, at Bartica, they stole an engine, valued at $130,000, $22,000 in hosing and another item, all having a total value of $207,000. The stolen articles belonged to Barry Ramcharran.

While Griffith pleaded not guilty to the charge, both Speede and Washington admitted their guilt.

According to police prosecutor Gordon Mansfield, the complainant left the articles mentioned in the charge at a friend’s home on May 1st at Bartica. On June 7th, he returned to his friend’s home and on checking found that the articles were missing. The matter was then reported and police, acting on information, arrested Speede, who admitted his role in the crime. The engine was recovered at the home of Speede’s father.

Further investigations led to the arrest of Washington, who also admitted to his involvement in the crime, the court was told.

Both Speede and Washington were fined $75,000 or a default sentence of eight weeks in jail, while Griffith was granted his release on $75,000 bail.

Griffith was also read a second charge which stated that between April 22nd and May 1st, at Bartica, he stole a Yamaha outboard engine foot, which was valued at $500,000. The article was the property of Brian Bradford.

He also denied this charge and was later granted $20,000 bail.

Both matters were transferred to the Bartica Magistrate’s Court and adjourned until June 27th.

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