Robber held after shooting Charlestown wash bay operator

Leroy Robinson

Bandits on Sunday night shot a wash bay operator during a robbery at Broad and Lombard streets, Charlestown, Georgetown but the shooter did not get far due to a quick response by police after the attack.

The attack on Leroy Robinson, 38, of 17 Broad and Lombard streets, Charlestown, occurred after 9 pm. Robinson had just closed his business when two men pounced on him.

The men, including one armed with a handgun, were unmasked.

Police said in a statement yesterday that the unarmed suspect relieved Robinson of his cellular phone and a small sum of cash, while his accomplice stood guard. However, before fleeing the gunman shot Robinson once to his left knee.

The wounded Leroy Robinson lies in bed at the hospital.

“The police were alerted and prompt action by a rank on a motor cycle patrol resulted in the apprehension of the armed suspect, a short distance from the scene,” the police statement stated.

A .38 revolver with a spent shell was found in the suspect’s possession.

Yesterday, Robinson told Stabroek News that he was sitting at the wash bay when he noticed the

Leroy Robinson’s wash bay at Broad and Lombard streets, where he was attacked on Sunday night.

men approaching and they announced “this is a robbery.” He stated that he recognised the men from a few days prior, when they had visited and enquired about a ring, which he said he knew nothing about.

“They deh come and ask me if I see any ring. I tell them I didn’t see any and left them. Same time a youth man come and they tell the youth man the same thing about the ring and then they start beat the man,” he explained.

According to the victim, when the bandits attacked on Sunday night, they mentioned the ring, leading him to believe that he was targeted.

“They come and rob me. I was sitting outside with my child mother and they come rob me and before they left they shoot me in my foot and then left,” he recounted. Robinson said that the men escaped with a little over $20,000 in cash, which was the day’s earnings. 

Bridgette Robinson, the victim’s mother, told this newspaper that she was inside their shop when she heard the commotion outside. “All I hear somebody saying, ‘This is a robbery.’ I thought was a joke, so I didn’t look out but then I heard two gunshots and when I look out I see Leroy foot bleeding and we try to get him to the hospital,” she stated.

The woman noted that following the explosive sounds, police, who were in the area on their bikes patrolling, responded and chased after the bandits.

Police yesterday said they are on the hunt for the second suspect, who managed to escape.       

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