Treated tap water for Edinburgh – GWI

Jawaharlall Ramjug

Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice residents will soon receive treated tap water as the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) works to improve the water quality in Region Six.

GWI’s Region Six Regional Manager, Jawaharlall Ramjug told the Department of Public Information (DPI), “We’re currently relocating and installing pipes in the Glasgow, Edinburgh area to facilitate the road construction. At the same time we’re taking advantage of that project to link the distribution at Edinburgh pump station to the New Amsterdam Water Treatment Plant to improve the water quality.”

Region Six has seen improvements in the last year and has new projects in the pipeline. DPI said that these include the improvement in the quality of water distributed in the Sheet Anchor area.

Additionally, pipeline distribution networks were installed at North and South Gibraltar and a distribution network was built at Lesbeholden North.

Other plans for 2018 include construction of a new office for New Amsterdam and Springlands.

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