Boxing Day Patentia murder accused say deceased was aggressor

Patentia miner Sunil Ramsundar died from shock due to haemorrhaging caused by a puncture wound to the left thoracic artery in his neck, Pathologist Dr Vivekanand Bridgemohan testified yesterday.

Bridgemohan, who was testifying at the trial of murder accused Vishwantie Ragnauth and Nyron Thakurdyal, also stated that it was likely that a person would have died shortly after such a wound was inflicted because of excessive bleeding and that the puncture was most likely caused by a knife.

Ragnauth and Thakurdyal are on trial for allegedly murdering Ramsundar on December 26th, 2014. They led their defence yesterday with unsworn statements in which they said the deceased had braced Ragnauth against a fence and Thakurdyal had pulled him off…..