Survivors of Kuru Kururu fatal accident recovering at home

The survivors, from the May 13th Mother’s Day fatal accident at Kuru Kururu on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway in which four persons lost their lives, have all been discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) and are now at home recuperating.

Prem Persaud, his daughter Ninah Persaud, and her husband Lakeram Persaud, all of Kaneville, East Bank Demerara, and Jada Enmore, 8, all spent for at least two weeks in hospital. Prem, who was the last to be discharged, was able to go home a few days ago.

A relative of the Persaud’s, Naveta (only name given) told Stabroek News that while her relatives were discharged, Prem and Lakeram have to return to undergo corrective surgery.

The relative explained that the doctors keep putting off their surgeries, and they are now expected to return to the hospital on the 15th of this month.

Both Prem and Lakeram, she noted, suffered broken feet which remain in casts.

Turning her attention to Ninah’s condition, she said she had undergone surgery to repair her damaged hand and has been going to clinics.

The relative said that the entire episode for the family has been traumatic, and now “Prem and his daughter and Lakeram are just trying to get past it.” Naveta made the comment when she was asked if any of the survivors had recounted to the family what had transpired.

“It was a tough time for our family. My aunt’s death shocked us all, because we had seen her the day before, and the next morning when her son and daughter go, they meet their mother tied up on the hospital bed and nurses surrounded her…” she related.

The woman indicated that the hospital never contacted the family to inform them of her aunt Rookmin Persaud’s death and they were devastated when they learnt of her demise.

“My aunt went down to theatre and we return home. The next day when her children go she was already dead,” Naveta recalled, while adding that, “The woman in the bed next to her said that she came upstairs and they put her in her bed and she talk with her before they sleep. The lady tell us when she woke up she see everybody around her and suspected she [had] died.”Police had said Rookmin passed away sometime around 11.40 pm on May 23rd. She was the fourth victim to have succumbed from the accident.

Meanwhile, Ewin Enmore, father of Jada Enmore, told Stabroek News that his daughter is at home recovering and is in good health. He stated that she had suffered a laceration to her head and that her wound is healing.

On May 18, Shenella Hughes, the driver of the car which was involved in the accident, succumbed in the Intensive Care Unit at the GPH. While on May 16th, another passenger Quinton Odle, 42, a seaman of 137 Blankenburg, West Coast Demerara, and Hughes’ daughter Arianna Hughes, 6, succumbed on May 14th.

Arianna’s other siblings, Sebastian Hughes, who is 10-months-old, Jaden Hughes, 9, and Tyrese Arthur, 4, were also injured in the accident, but they were treated and later discharged.

Around 5.30 pm on Sunday May 13th, the car and a minibus, which were travelling in opposite directions, collided, resulting in the occupants of both vehicles sustaining injuries.

It is alleged that Shenella was travelling at a fast rate, and as the vehicles approached each other, she drove into a pool of water, which resulting in her losing control of the car and swerving into the path of the minibus.

Stabroek News was told that the passengers in the bus were returning from a Mother’s Day outing at one of the creeks along the Linden-Soesdyke Highway.

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