Rocky Mann passes away

Rocky Mann

Insurance salesman, popular sports commentator and former People’s Progressive Party/Civic  City Councillor Rocky Mann passed away yesterday following a lengthy period of illness.

A glowing tribute was paid to him by former President Donald Ramotar who lauded his work for the party and his concern “for the ordinary man”.

“I would like to extend sincerest condolences to Rocky’s family I have had the pleasure of knowing Rocky Mann for a number of years and am honoured to give a tribute to him. There are some things I can testify to about his character. He was a strong supporter of our party; the People’s Progressive Party for decades. He stood with us during some of the most difficult times, for example in the 1970s, when supporting the PPP could have been seen as inviting oppression from the then government – the People’s National Congress,” Ramotar said.

“He never made a secret pf his admiration for Dr. Jagan and his teachings and refused to join with those who succumbed to the pressure to deny the PPP and it tells the type of person he was. When PPP returned in 1992 he was one of the close supporters of Cheddi. He later served at the Georgetown City Council where he felt he could impact the ordinary citizens of the town he lived in. He did an outstanding job for the citizens of Georgetown from 1994 until he got sick and came off,” he added.

Ramotar also fondly remembered the “very fun loving person”  Mann was and how he used his wit and humour to brighten those around him coupled with his love for sports.

“You could not be around him and not be happy, he was an absolute joy to be around. Rocky liked to party and because of his fun spirit and charisma he made an excellent insurance salesman. I remember when we go out and he called for a drink he would tell the persons selling to `rockerize’ it and that meant make it special and put it on the tab. Everyone started using that,” Ramotar reflected.

“We cannot remember Rocky and forget the great contribution he made to sports here because he was a commentator of especially cricket and boxing at a time when many persons did not have television in Guyana. Rocky gave vivid imagery when he was commentating and you felt as if you were there. He will be missed by many but most certainly by myself and many other members of the PPP,” he added.


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