Cannabis plants destroyed at Coomacka Mines

The cannabis plants before they were destroyed by the police.

A party of policemen in ‘E’ Division yesterday destroyed 1500 cannabis plants in a drug eradication exercise.

The police said the exercise was conducted in the Coomacka Mines, Upper Demerara River.

The makeshift camp on the land where the marijuana plants were discovered.

The plants occupied an acre of land and measured between 2-6 feet in height with an estimated weight of approximately 300kg. The police also discovered a nursery and makeshift camp with hammocks, groceries, kitchen utensils and clothing on the land along with 15 grams of dried cannabis. The items were destroyed by fire after they were found. No one was arrested. 

CANNABISSEEDLINGS: A number of cannabis seedlings that the police found yesterday before they were destroyed.

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