Prospect labourer found dead at home

The police in ‘D’ Division have launched an investigation into the death of a 46-year-old labourer, whose lifeless body was discovered in his Prospect, West Bank Demerara (WBD) home on Friday.

Dead is Rajesh Ramdass, called ‘Kana,’ who was a resident of Lot 30 First Street, Prospect, WBD.

Sunday Stabroek was told that Ramdass was last seen alive, walking through the streets in his community last Thursday.

Rajesh is suspected to have died between 6 pm on Thursday and 12.30 pm on Friday.

His brother, Ramesh Ramdass, who went to visit him on Friday afternoon, discovered his motionless body on the floor next to his bed.

The police were summoned.

This newspaper was told that several bruises were visible on the body

Although investigators have been told that Rajesh sustained the injuries due to a fall two weeks ago, they are awaiting the findings of an autopsy to determine how he met his demise.

He was described as an alcoholic and a chain smoker.

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