Brazil agri investor being pressed by GL&SC over unused acreage

-seeking more land for another venture

Yucatan Reis

Although Brazilian businessman Yucatan Reis is behind an agriculture project to acquire lands in Guyana’s intermediate savannahs, he still has not used the 23,000 hectares he leased in 2015 for the purposes stipulated under that agreement, sources say.

But Reis, through former President Donald Ramotar, has denied this saying that he is working to fulfil his commitments but the terrain to get to the Ebini lands, Berbice is more treacherous than catered for and has posed a problem in getting in the large and heavy machinery needed.

Nonetheless, he says he is forging ahead with his old project with the aim of meeting the commitments stipulated by this country so that he could access other lands for an expansion project that is planned. ….