Jagdeo criticises new Deputy Chief Election Officer over political views

Roxanne Prince-Myers

On the heels of criticisms by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo that she has publicly expressed partisan views on social media, recently appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (DCEO) Roxanne Prince-Myers has removed her Facebook social media profile.

“This political view that I have seen, I hope that the Chairman (of GECOM) looks at this because it can undermine the perceived impartiality of the commission itself,” Jagdeo said as he held up screen grabbed posts last week from Myers’ now deleted Facebook profile.

“These are striking political views expressed by the individual, who has now just been made the DCEO. If there is one thing that should lead to a reversal of this decision, it is this, because it is GECOM. The rest of the government is fine, people can have open political views there in some of these places, except the constitutional agencies,” he added.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo holding up copies of samples of Roxanne Myers’ posts

Myers has not responded to the claims and efforts by this newspaper to contact her proved futile and calls to her number went unanswered.

The three PPP/C-appointed commissioners walked out of a statutory meeting last week Tues-day, after the Chairman Justice (ret’d) James Patterson voted to break a deadlock in favour of  Myers for the post of DCEO as opposed to former Acting  DCEO Vishnu Persaud, whose contract had expired.

Patterson has told this newspaper that he will address the reason why he voted to break the deadlock in favour of Myers by way of letter to the media.  He has not done so as yet.

But Jagdeo has said that Myers’ public support of a political party should be reason enough for her to not qualify for the post and that he will continue to press for her removal on the grounds that she shows partiality for one party over the other.

Jagdeo stated that for his People’s Progressive Party the issue “is a critical matter for us” and that his party “will pursue” having Myers removed on the grounds that she is supportive of the governing coalition APNU+AFC. 

“It is not just about any Afro-Guyanese. If you’re Afro-Guyanese and PPP, they will give you zero. This is about fairness in the process,” he said.

“This is about a fair system of hiring professionals not party people to run the thing,” he added.

Two posts by Myers, which date back to last year February, were referenced by Jagdeo. He said that they  illustrate that the new DCEO held a biased view against his PPP/C. In the first she stated, “Politicians who should be in court accounting for public funds standing up a protest line against #MCC parking meters deal. Nah!!!!…that has to be fake news.#MAPM”.

In the other she stated, “This forensic audit of #GPL points to another mess the coalition inherited from the #PPP. Hopefully, it could be salvaged without further inconvenience to citizens. Time to call these public officials to account.”

Myers’ Twitter account also shows her following the coalition during its 2015 campaign run.

“The BIG task is to find jobs for CG riders, spiff burners, teen mothers those who fell through the cracks. Lift them up! #APNUAFCMeetingSRP,” one tweet from an APNU+AFC 2015 campaign meeting held in South Ruimveldt Park reads. Another states, “Since the start of the campaign season youth have become energized. #ForgetApathy #APNUAFCYouthRally”

At a meeting in Whim, Berbice, for the coalition, Myers tweeted, “#APNUAFC unity train moving through the nation to bring the people together. #Guyana2015” and at that same rally she also expressed, “De train moving full throttle #APNUAFCWHIM and posted photos of persons at the rally.

But perusal of Myers’ Twitter account shows that she also attended PPP/C rallies.

“PPPC is ready! Applause from attendees. #PPPCMeeting,” she tweeted on March 26th 2015.

“Nobody joins PPP/C and demands minister wuk …” Madame Gail #PPPCMeeting #Campbellville #Guyana2015 and “Elections are decisive. It’s a choice to let progress continue. No more coalpot running neighba house 4 ice. We have toaster blender fridge,” she also tweeted.




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