Jagdeo criticises new Deputy Chief Election Officer over political views

Roxanne Prince-Myers

On the heels of criticisms by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo that she has publicly expressed partisan views on social media, recently appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (DCEO) Roxanne Prince-Myers has removed her Facebook social media profile.

“This political view that I have seen, I hope that the Chairman (of GECOM) looks at this because it can undermine the perceived impartiality of the commission itself,” Jagdeo said as he held up screen grabbed posts last week from Myers’ now deleted Facebook profile.

“These are striking political views expressed by the individual, who has now just been made the DCEO. If there is one thing that should lead to a reversal of this decision, it is this, because it is GECOM. The rest of the government is fine, people can have open political views there in some of these places, except the constitutional agencies,” he added…..