Tributes paid to Rocky Mann at gardens memorial service

A section of the gathering at the memorial service for Ronald Paul Mann also known as `Rocky’.

A memorial service was yesterday held for the late Ronald Mann popularly known as `Rocky’ at the Promenade Gardens.

The insurance salesman, popular sports commentator and former People’s Progressive Party/Civic City Councillor passed away on June 11th.

Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, former Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Minister of Social Cohesion Dr. George Norton were among those present at the memorial service and celebration of his life

At the service, tributes came from Rocky’s relatives and friends. Almost everyone who paid tribute, spoke about the man’s sartorial style and his ability to make everyone around him smile.

One of the man’s former workmate and close friends stated “Rocky was a cricket commentator, he always prepared himself, his success was due to hard work and discipline and the way he went about his commentary in the cricket, I don’t believe that he just turned up there and started to commentate, he did his homework, knew the players, the history and their records, so he was able to relate to the public and do justice to his stint as a commentator.”

Rocky’s younger brother, Allan Mann spoke about his brother’s achievements. “I am very proud to say that when he really established himself in the insurance business in Guyana and Trinidad, for 10 consecutive years he was the top salesman. He worked without rest, he took care of his clients, he was diligent and as we all know he was the best dressed man showing up to do his business, he was the best dressed man even when he wasn’t doing business.”

Zelina Mann, Rocky’s wife took to the podium to also pay tribute to her husband. “Today I stand alone for he answered that call readily, which I know that he was waiting on for a long time now. He was a phenomenal man.”

She further added, “Life is full of uncertainties, death and sickness doesn’t give you a warning, you become extremely vulnerable and dependent on whoever is there to do something for you.”

She encouraged those in the gathering to reach out and touch someone as they may never know what that person is going through.

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