Berbice cop stabbed eight times while trying to search suspect

Commander of B Division, Lyndon Alves (left) and Officer In Charge of Traffic, B Division visiting Randy Claxton at the New Amsterdam Hospital yesterday.

A policeman in Berbice is now a patient at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital after he was stabbed eight times on Monday while attempting to search a man accused of being in possession of marijuana.

Randy Claxton, 32, who is stationed at the Central Police Station in New Amsterdam and attached to the Anti-Crime Motorcycle Patrol, was attacked around 6.30 pm on Monday evening at Lad Lane, New Amsterdam. 

Claxton, who is admitted in a stable condition, sustained a stab wound to the back of his neck, four stab wounds to his back, one to his left forearm and two to the left side of his hip.

Police were up to yesterday still seeking the suspect, identified only as ‘Shaquan,’ who is said to be known to them.

Stabroek News was told that Claxton and another police constable were on motorcycle patrol in the New Amsterdam area when they reportedly observed a group of about ten men smoking what appeared to be marijuana.

However, upon spotting the lawmen, the group of men made a run for it.

The police constable, on the motorcycle, and Claxton, on foot, chased after a suspect wearing a black haversack, who was heading towards Lad Lain.

The suspect was arrested and while Claxton attempted to carry out a search on him, a group of “identifiable persons” surrounded.

However, Claxton reportedly gave his firearm to the other constable who was present and attempted to push the persons away from the suspect.

According to police, at that time Claxton noticed a man known to him handing over a “silver knife” to the accused.

The armed assailant then walked over to the constable who was securing the prisoner when Claxton warned him to retreat. However, the man then turned to Claxton and stabbed him about his body before escaping.

Claxton was rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was treated.

Meanwhile, Commander of ‘B’ Division Lyndon Alves yesterday noted that checks were made for the suspect, who is known to the police. “We are making every effort to locating the suspect with a view of bringing him to justice,” he said.

Alves further stressed that as Commander of the Division he will not tolerate any attack on his ranks. He also noted that he views the attack as an “attack on public security.”

He further urged the relatives and friends of the suspect to “let natural justice prevail. Bring him in and let us hear the other side,” he said.



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