Man who fell from LBI house died of fractured skull

Dead: Damodar Panday

Damodar Panday, the 55-year-old man who fell to his death from his La Bonne Intention (LBI), East Coast Demerara home on Monday night died as a result of a fractured skull.

A relative of Panday confirmed the finding of the autopsy to Stabroek News. The autopsy was performed on Tuesday morning.

Stabroek News was previously told that around 11.30pm on Monday, an intoxicated Panday returned to his Lot 3 Area K, LBI home from work. He had dinner and showered, after which he ventured out onto his verandah to relax as was customary.

Shortly after, his wife, Hemwatie Jaikaran, called ‘Rita,’ woke up and realised Panday was not in bed. As a result, she became worried and started to check for him around the house. She later discovered his lifeless body lying in a pool of blood in their yard.

Jaikaran had related to Stabroek News that after Panday was finished eating, he decided to shower and she warned him at that point to be careful. “He go in and he bathe and he come out good and he seh he ah guh upstairs, suh me guh behind he,” the grieving woman had said. “Me guh quick and open the verandah door… he go out deh, guh stand up and he stand up there, a tek breeze and me seh ‘Okay, yuh nah come inside now?’ And he seh no and me deh a good while with he,” she had recounted.

Jaikaran had further explained that after she couldn’t persuade Panday to go into his bed, she left him on the verandah and retired to her bed. She said she fell asleep and subsequently woke up and realised Panday was not in bed as yet. “Every night he does wake up fuh tek breeze right, suh me gah one habit every night me does wake up fuh stretch meh hand fuh see if he’s not there [on the bed],” Jaikaran had said.

She said in search of Panday, she rushed out to the verandah but didn’t see him. “…And then meh come in back in the house and meh watching the inside step fuh see the light if it deh on downstairs but me ain’t see no light, suh me run back ah the verandah and when meh peep me see he lie down pun the ground and me holler fuh me son,” she said.

The woman recalled that several years ago, Panday fell from the verandah and sustained injuries about his body, which left him hospitalised for some three months.

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