Cornelia Ida housing scheme roads in terrible shape

One of the cross streets in the Cornelia Ida housing scheme

Residents of the West Coast Demerara community of Cornelia Ida are urging that repairs be done to the roads in the village’s housing scheme.

On Thursday when Stabroek News visited, streets in the community were lined with potholes that were filled with water after the day’s downpour.

One of the drains that were dug for water to flow off the road.

One resident who gave his name as Vishnu was happy that Stabroek News had visited the community to hear the plight of the residents.

The man stated that he and other residents have made multiple complaints to the  Stewartville/Cornelia Ida Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). He further added that the roads have been in this state for a long time. “Only the other day people from the NDC came in and they tried to make some drains so the water that settle in the potholes could drain off the road”,  Vishnu said.

The man later stated that he told officials from the NDC that they can bring the materials and they will help to fix the roads but he was told the NDC does not have the money to start any maintenance works at this time.

A street in the community lined with pot holes.

Taxi drivers who transport residents around the community stated that the road has been that way for about five years. One of the drivers who chose to not be named said “we carry residents all over the village, but all the cross street in the village bad, we really need them to do something about the road, vehicle maintenance isn’t cheap.” When asked about what they were told by the NDC after they made complaints, the men said nothing happened, even though two councillors from the NDC reside in the scheme.

Another resident complained about a number of old abandoned vehicles that lined the roads that have become a haven for thieves in the community.

The abandoned vehicles that lined one of the roads in the community.

The woman who asked not to be named told Stabroek News of an incident that occurred sometime back where a young lady was robbed by thieves who were hiding out in the abandoned vehicles that lined a section of the road. “Sometimes a taxi don’t want to bring you in this far, and if a young lady or even an older woman have to walk in here one of them would come out and take what she has.” The woman stated that they have complained about the roads and the old vehicles but nothing has been done about them.

In recent weeks, a number of communities have complained about bad roads.

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