Alberttown porter robbed in home by gunman

A gunman yesterday morning beat and robbed an Alberttown porter of $1000 in cash, his cellular phone and a laptop computer.

Police said at around 9.30, the gunman attacked Eckmond Pounder, 45, of Fourth Street, Alberttown.

Investigations revealed that Pounder was in his home when the gunman entered through the front door brandishing a handgun. At this point, the gunman demanded the man’s valuables; his laptop valued at $150,000 and cellular phone valued at $28,000. The man handed over the items but the bandit was still not satisfied. Police said, during the course of the robbery the bandit physically assaulted the man and hit him in his face with the gun, resulting in him suffering an injury over his eye. The bandit then proceeded to search the man’s pockets and took $1000 from him.

The gunman then exited the house and ran off in the direction of Fourth Street.  

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