Mason tried to dump ganja after police stop

- court hears

Shamir Mohammed

A mason was yesterday charged with trafficking almost 400 grammes of cannabis, which police say he tried to dump near a toll gate at Port Kaituma during a stop.  

Shamir Mohammed, of Port Kaituma Estate and also 300 Meadowbrook Gardens, was charged with trafficking 393 grammes of cannabis at 4 Miles Port Kaituma, North West toll gate on June 21st, 2018. Mohammed, who was brought before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court 1, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

His attorney, Tiffany Jeffrey, told the court that the drugs were found about 50 feet away from Mohammed. She added that they were not found on him nor in the vehicle in which he was travelling. As a result, she asked the court to grant him his release on reasonable bail.

However, Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield told the court that ranks from the Port Kaituma Police Station were on patrol at the toll gate when the car that Mohammed was traveling in was stopped and Mohammed, who was seated in a passenger seat, exited the vehicle and threw two black plastic bags about five feet away into a nearby bush. The ranks then searched the bush in the immediate area and found two bags containing what appeared to be cannabis.

Mansfield added that Mohammed gave an oral statement to the police stating that a woman wanted weed and he went up the road for a stash. As a result, Mohammed was refused bail. His next hearing is slated for the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s Court on August 6th.

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