Greenidge urges small, medium businesses to tap tech revolution

Small and medium-scale businesses were yesterday urged by Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge to utilise the technological revolution to improve their fortunes.

Greenidge, who was addressing a gathering of small and medium enterprises (SME) owners at the Small Business Development Finance Trust Inc. (SBDF) 17th Annual General Meeting, encouraged them to ride the wave of the technology and communications advancement to better service themselves and their businesses.

Greenidge, speaking in the stead of Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, said, “…You don’t have to depend on the nearest wholesale outlets, you can now use computers and smart phones to know what is happening in the markets near and far. You can know what’s happening with their prices and the weather, and when I was in the Netherlands, one of the things we put in place was a market information system that enabled farmers to know at any time of the day what prices exist in the different areas.”….