‘Perfect’ Naila Rahaman tops Grade Six

Nalia Rahaman

Naila Rahaman of the Westfield Preparatory School in Kingston, Georgetown has topped this year’s Grade Six assessment with a perfect 529 marks.

The announcement was made this afternoon by the Ministry of Education.

Top Grade 6 Results

Name    School  Marks
Nalia Rahaman Westfield Prep529
Arthur Roberts  New Guyana School525
Kaydee Ali    Success Elementary   524
Esha Lakeram    New Diamond/Grove Primary  523
Cianna Barkoye   North Georgetown Primary   523
Zyla Braithwaite   Success Elementary  523
Krystal Duncan    New Guyana School   523
Darren Ramphal Leonora Primary 522
Natania Kissoon  Success Elementary    522
Cassie Farinha Peter’s Hall Primary   522
Saif Azeze  Academy of Excellence    522
Virendra Dookie  Leonora Primary   521
Jaya Jamuna New Diamond/Grove Primary 521
Amaya Ramsarup Green Acres Primary 521
Dietra Fields   New Guyana School  521
Shakina Mc GregorOne Mile Primary 521
Jaden Vansluytman  Dharmic Rama Krishna      521
Hadiyah Alli Peter’s Hall Primary521
Deevina Chan   Vreed en Hoop Primary    520


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