Significant rise in international traffic at Ogle airport – OAI

The Eugene F Correia International Airport (EFCIA) at Ogle, experienced a significant increase in international passenger movement of 5,138 outgoing passengers and 3,705 incoming passengers in 2017.

These figures were disclosed by the Chief Executive Officer, Col. (Ret’d) Anthony Mekdeci of the Ogle Airport Inc (OAI), in his 2017 Annual Report at the OAI’s Annual General Meeting on June 20.

According to a release from OAI, which is responsible for managing the airport, the CEO also reported an increase in international cargo of departing cargo of 56,208 lbs and incoming cargo of 41,309 lbs. However, the airport experienced a decrease of domestic passenger movements with outgoing passengers decreasing by 14,190 and incoming passengers decreasing by 2,949, while domestic departing cargo increased by 1,409,926 and incoming domestic cargo increased by 99,055…..