Recapping of exploded Diamond well to commence soon

The current condition of Soownauth Gorakh’s yard

Preparatory works for the recapping of the Diamond Housing Scheme well that recently exploded are almost complete and the process should start soon, Director General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) Lt. Col. Kester Craig says.

Stabroek News visited the site yesterday but there were no signs of ongoing work. However, mud and gas was still gushing slowly from the large hole.

Speaking to this publication yesterday, Craig explained that they haven’t started it as yet since they are currently trying to procure the rental of a heavy duty crane needed for the operation.

“We are trying to work out an arrangement because the crane is rented by the hour. So we want to coordinate all of the agencies, so when we are ready to start the capping process. We will not waste time and money,” Craig explained.

He also noted that the cleaning up took longer than they planned because the workload was more than they initially anticipated. “When we started cleaning it was more than we anticipated and we thought we could’ve cleaned the front alone but we had to clean the front, the back and part of the side,” Craig added.

He added that they are currently using resources from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Guyana Water Inc. (GWI), the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and other agencies.

For the recapping, an 18-inch casing will be inserted into the hole, followed by a 14 inch diameter casing on the inside, which will then be sealed with concrete. A valve will also be installed and left open so that they can release pressure from the ground. After the sealing is completed, the valve will then be closed. The recapping process is expected to be completed within three weeks.  Two Thursdays ago, the well erupted, ejecting water, mud and natural gas up to 100 feet in the air.

Soownauth ‘Water Man’ Gorakh had reportedly dug the well some time ago and was using it for domestic purposes.

Gorakh claimed via a statement by the Region Four administration that he and his wife, Tulabhaduree, had attempted to dig the well after experiencing water troubles.

The woman claimed that the family has suffered over $20 million in damages. Gorakh’s immediate neighbours also suffered damages of varying degrees.

While Gorakh maybe liable to charges from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Hydrometerological Office, a source from the latter had explained that they have no decided on what course of action they are going to take against him.  

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