Artist Colin Nedd brings new life to zoo with paintings

Colin Nedd

If you were a regular visitor to the zoo in the Botanical Gardens, you would have noticed the decrepit-looking pens in which some of the animals were kept, but as of recent your eyes could not have missed the sprucing-up of those very pens and other areas which has given the zoo a colourful and cheerful atmosphere.

The man behind the brush that brought about the welcome change is Colin Nedd, a self-taught artist, who, despite the many struggles he has endured, has held on to his paintbrush for dear life as painting was all he wanted to do. His brush has created a series of realistic murals on the walls of the buildings housing wildlife in the zoo. The murals not only spruce up the zoo but also serves as an educational tool as students and visitors are now able to learn the names of cats and primates in Guyana.

Like many artists in Guyana, Nedd is not adequately compensated for his work and there are times when he is cheated, but for a man who creates wonders with his brush, putting his artistic skills on the shelf is something he has never considered…..