Masked bandits beat, rob Kuru Kururu family in home invasion

Members of a Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke-Linden Highway family, including an 11-month-old toddler, are now traumatised after three masked bandits invaded their home in an attack, assaulted two of the occupants and carted away almost $600,000 in cash and electronics.

The attack was launched around 1.30am on Friday, while the members of the family were asleep at their Lot 613 Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke, Linden Highway home.

Sunday Stabroek  understands that the family occupied the upper flat of their two-story house while the bottom flat is being used as a storage bond. It is suspected that the bandits gained entry into the house through a window.

During the 10-minute ordeal, two occupants, Andrew Seabra and his mother-in-law, Jupattie Shamlall, 53, were physically assaulted…..