Lethem horse stable contractor bolts without completing job

A contractor who was hired to construct a horse stable at the Lethem Police Station by the Ministry of Public Security has abandoned the works.

PPP/C Member of Parliament Alister Charlie yesterday confirmed to Stabroek News that the works had been abandoned for several weeks and the reasons for this are unknown.

The Member of Parliament said it is unclear whether all the monies for the contract were paid to the contractor who hails from the coast.

A source told Stabroek News that the project was estimated at over $20M and only two sections of walls for the stable were constructed.

Yesterday, Charlie said that the issue is not the first as many contracts in the past that were awarded to contractors based on the coast were started and not completed.

The projects he referred to are the construction of Tabatinga Nursery School in the Municipality of Lethem, Baishaidrun Nursery School in Deep South Rupununi, Pipang Nursery School in the South Pakaraimas, and Teachers Five Apartment Living Quarters in Sand Creek in South Central Rupununi.

At the recent Toshaos Conference in Lethem, the MP said questions were asked about the completion of the projects but the Regional Administration was unable to furnish an answer.

Regional Chairman Brian Allicock had told this newspaper that he was made aware of the horse stable project being halted but he too was unable to say what caused it.

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