Third party needed now to deliver political unity – Ramkarran

-hails CCJ decision as ‘monumental’ victory for democracy

Ralph Ramkarran

Calling last Tuesday’s decision by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) upholding presidential term limits as a “monumental” victory for democracy, political analyst Ralph Ramkarran says it is now time for a third party as both the PPP and the PNCR have failed to deliver a government of national unity as they have promised at various times.

In his column in yesterday’s Sunday Stabroek, Ramkarran said with the current circumstances facing the PPP and the deteriorating economic conditions and one-seat majority confronting APNU+AFC, along with the pending establishment of an oil economy, they should have been persuaded by now that a high degree of political unity is requisite to safeguard the billions of US dollars likely to flow into the nation’s coffers from being dissipated…..