Harmon takes to social media in drive for PNCR Chairmanship

-party insiders say he faces uphill task against Williams, Lawrence

Joseph Harmon

With the scheduled date of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Congress fast approaching, one candidate for the Chairmanship position has started a social media campaign to help boost his chances of winning.

From all indications, Minister of State and party executive member, Joseph Harmon who is considered the underdog, is trying everything possible to persuade party members to cast their votes in his favour. Recently the Facebook page “HarmonForChairman” was created and up to last Friday, it had garnered over 1000 likes and a similar number of followers. Additionally at least one flyer being circulated is promoting Harmon for the position and whenever the opportunity arises he is visiting communities mainly in Georgetown and in Region Three. His most recent public announcement pertained to the Demerara Harbour Bridge – crucial to Region Three – when he said he would lobby for its retention event after a new bridge is built. Harmon announced his candidature on May 21 via a press release and a short video. He will be running against Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General Basil Williams who is the current chairman and the party’s First Vice-Chairperson Volda Lawrence. Williams has held the post for two terms. Lawrence declared her candidacy over the weekend.

Party insiders indicate that Harmon has his work cut out for him given that Williams and Lawrence are more well-known and liked and each has a loyal band of followers…..