Meadow Bank woman shot while chasing after home invaders

A woman is now hospitalised with a gunshot wound to her right foot after she was shot while chasing after bandits, who invaded her Meadow Bank home on Saturday afternoon.

Ueal (only name given) said his sister, whom he did not name, was shot while they were chasing after the two men who had stormed into their Caines Street, Meadow Bank home around 3.30 pm.

He went on to say that one of the unmasked men, who barged in through the open back door, told him, “This is not a robbery.” Instead, the men claimed they were looking for “an Indian guy.”

He added that the men went into one of the bedrooms and extracted his sister, whom they hit with a gun.

Ueal stated that his four year-old nephew, who was playing in one of the rooms, was ordered to go under the bed, but he could not do so since the bed was very low.

After the men ransacked one of the bedrooms, they then turned their attention to Ueal, who said they relieved him of two phones, about $14,000 in cash and his driver’s licence.

The men then reportedly ran out of the home, grabbing his sister’s bag on their way out.

Ueal told this newspaper that as the men ran, heading to the nearby dam, he and his sister ran behind them, yelling “Thief!” He added that he picked up a piece of wood to hit one of the men, whose pants was falling down, but the man turned around and fired a shot, which hit his sister in her right instep.

As a result, he rushed her to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery. She remained hospitalised there yesterday.

Ueal stated that the attack was reported to the police. He also noted that his sister’s bag was recovered a short distance from the dam with cash and a few other articles still inside it.

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