Rosignol man accused of beating girlfriend to death

Where the death occurred

A 62-year-old Rosignol, West Coast Berbice pensioner last evening allegedly beat his girlfriend to death at their Burnham Avenue abode.

According to information gathered, the duo Leonard Allan and “Shabana” were engaged in a drinking spree yesterday.

A resident in the area told Stabroek News, that around  5pm, Allan started to physically assault the woman, since he was unhappy with the meal she had prepared for dinner.

The resident noted, “He beat she on and off till 2 (am) this morning”.

The resident explained that around 8 am she decided to venture over and have a talk with the couple. “them does always fight like that so me say me go a talk with he, when me call he say let me come in and when me go in he say ‘like this girl dead’, I tell he raise up the sheet and me see she neck twist like”, the resident related.

The man sat on the bed motionless until police arrived on the scene and placed him under arrest, said the resident.

Residents said the woman who would come and go from Allan’s house told them that her name was “Shabana Babita” from Number Two Village, East Canje Berbice.

“Every Friday when the man collect he money then she a come and them a drink and sport”, said a neighbour.


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