Fossil fuel to be cut 15% in first year of huge solar farm – Harmon

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

Government yesterday announced that it’s soon to be rolled out solar power plans will see a decrease of 15 percent in fossil fuel use in the first year of implementation and by the third year heavy fuel amounts will be slashed by half.

“The solar arrangement will see us doing a couple of things. In the first instance, in the first year, after we are able to sort out the finances and move the money around, we are going to see a 15% of displacement of our relying on fossil fuel,” Minister of State Joseph Harmon yesterday told a press conference. 

‘Between the second and third year, the projection is to move to 50% displacement of us relying on fossil fuel; heavy fuel. So that is going to make a major change insofar as our finances is concerned, in terms of buying diesel and so on,” he added…..