Police arrest known characters at No 1 Village after shots fired

The police in Berbice say that due to their vigilance they were able to place four known characters in custody yesterday afternoon.

Commander of B Division, Lyndon Alves, said police who were on patrol received information and intercepted a car with four men at Number 1 Village, Corentyne.

He said that the four occupants of the car who are all known to the police have since been placed under arrest at the Albion Police Station for questioning. Alves stressed that it was the police being “alert” that led to the arrest of the men.

A police source told Stabroek News that ranks noticed the four known characters in the area, after which they challenged them. When the police attempted to stop the car, the men abandoned it and escaped into a nearby swampy area. The police then gave chase.

The suspects allegedly discharged rounds at the police which resulted in the police returning fire.

The police were then able to apprehend the suspects who are from the Angoy’s Avenue and the East Canje Area.

However, the source noted that the police did not recover any firearm at the time of the arrest.

The car in which the men were travelling has been taken into police custody at the Albion Police Station.

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