School vouchers stolen from Region Six education department

The Department of Education office

The police in Berbice have launched an investigation after $120,000 worth of school vouchers were stolen from the Regional Education Department in Region Six sometime last week.

According to information gathered, three persons have so far been placed into custody for questioning as it relates to the stolen vouchers. 

Zamal Hussain, PPP/C Regional Councillor yesterday spoke about the issue at the region’s statutory meeting. 

Hussain, who is also Chairman of the region’s Education Committee explained that the vouchers were kept in a desk drawer in the office at the education department. “It is alleged that it was stolen by the sweeper cleaner but the matter has been engaged by the police”.

Hussain further added that it was also discovered that a security guard at the department received some of the stolen vouchers, which were to be distributed to students at the school in Bara Cara, Berbice River.  “Some of the vouchers were used by the sweeper cleaner and stamped by a headteacher”.

Hussain relayed that the head teacher when questioned claimed that the stamp was stolen from her school sometime before the vouchers were stolen.

“I think that this is a serious problem, the vouchers worth $120,000, which is a lot, there’s only a small amount left back for the Bara Cara school, but the (Regional Education Officer) is working with the police to ensure that we recover the vouchers”, he said.

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