Agreement for local law school signed, to be submitted to Council of Legal Education

Chairman of the LCA, Courtney Wynter (left) and UCC Executive Chancellor and Interim President Professor Dennis Gayle (right) shaking hands with Attorney General Basil Williams shortly after the agreement for the establishment of a law school in Guyana was signed (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Legal Affairs and Attorney General’s Chambers)

The agreement for the establishment of the proposed JOF Haynes Law School (JHLS) was recently signed by the Guyana Government and its partners and this along with the feasibility study and the business plan will be submitted to the Council of Legal Education (CLE).

This announcement was made in a press release disseminated by the Attorney General (AG) Chambers and Ministry of Legal Affairs on Thursday, which stopped short of saying how soon the documents would be sent to the CLE for its consideration. The CLE is responsible for legal education in the region.

The topic of the establishment of Guyana’s own law school has been a sore issue between the CLE and Attorney General Basil Williams SC. CLE Head, Reginald Armour of Trinidad and Tobago had previously said that Guyana had gotten no permission to build such an institution.             There has been at least one meeting on the issue between the two parties but the outcome has never been made public…..