Culverts in South Rupununi destroyed by flooding

A number of culverts in the South Rupununi have been destroyed as a result of heavy flooding in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo, Vice-Chairman of the region, Karl Singh last night reported.

Singh said that the floodwaters have weakened the drainage system and the region would have to wait until the levels receded to carry out an assessment of the infrastructural damage.

According to Singh, at this point the region is unable to conduct any sort of emergency works due to the bad weather. Giving an update on the flooding in the region yesterday, Singh said the floodwater has begun to slowly recede from lands in Central and South Rupununi and areas in some parts have become accessible.

However, he stated that the Karasabai Sub-District remains cut off from the rest of the Rupununi as water levels remain high.

Singh further explained that they have received reports of additional farms being flooded and the region has advised farmers to begin reaping their produce.

Stabroek News had reported that approximately 20 farms in Masakenari, a Wai Wai village in the deep south of Guyana were under water. The farms in Masakenari are under close to three feet of water, this newspaper had previously reported.

The Vice-Chairman said that a team from the region would be visiting the community today to carry out an assessment.

Despite the water receding from the land, shelters in the region remain open to accommodate affected persons.

“We do not want them to return home right away, they need to clean and sanitize their homes. We have already given them the cleaning supplies but we are looking at the situation and we are keeping the shelters open for now,” Singh said last night.Relief supplies were shuttled to the region on Friday to be distributed to the flood-affected families through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC).

Relief supplies from the CDC included water purification tablets, collapsible bottles, detergents and cleaning supplies and bedding and blankets.

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