Plans quickening for natural gas in 200 MW plant -Patterson

David Patterson

Even as government continues negotiations with ExxonMobil for natural gas to come onshore by 2022 from oil extraction operations, it has simultaneously begun to prepare the infrastructure and has confirmed the landing location and generator types, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson says.

ExxonMobil’s Country Representative Rod Henson on Friday informed that while the company believes it would be more beneficial monetarily to this country if all the natural gas was used for well injection purposes offshore, government has been in discussions with it to have some of the gas brought onshore for domestic use.

Given Guyana’s “unique” case where the cost of electricity from its current use of fossil fuels is “very high”, Henson noted, the company was working with government to bring a cleaner and cheaper alternative for this country’s domestic use. The amounts required, he said, would be around 30-35 million cubic feet of natural gas…..