Sneakers stuffed with ganja, cigarettes delivered to Lusignan jail

The cannabis and cigarettes discovered in the pair of boots that was on its way to a prisoner.

A man yesterday sprinted away from prison officers after he tried to smuggle contraband items in a pair of boots at the Lusignan jail, Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels reported.

Samuels, in a statement last night said officers at the checkpoint of the prison made the discovery at about 2.30 yesterday afternoon. A man arrived at the penitentiary to deliver clothing and footwear to a prisoner who is scheduled to appear in court today.

 It is customary, he noted, that items delivered for prisoners are subjected to security checks and booking. As the officers checked the items placed on the table, they observed the footwear looking “funny,” Samuels said in a statement.

The items found in a drain next to the pig pen at the Lusignan Prison yesterday morning.

The footwear had four packs of cigarettes and 108 grams of marijuana under the sole of the boots.

The man after recognizing that the officers had become suspicious sprinted out of the facility.

A detailed description of the individual will be provided to the police, the Director of Prisons said.

Earlier in the day, ranks while conducting a security check at the same prison found a black bag in a drain next to the pig pen.

Upon inspecting the bag and its contents,  a quantity of marijuana, lighters and other items were discovered.

Only Friday last, Samuels disclosed that smuggling at the prisons had been occurring at an alarming rate.

Samuels told reporters  that the increase  appears to be a result of collusion between inmates and prison service officials.

In an effort to curb the situation, the Director of Prisons announced that the prison service has moved to acquire equipment including scanners. Improved CCTV cameras would be put in place by the end of this year.

He also noted that mandatory drug testing of new recruits has been introduced as the prison service believes that the vetting will identify the persons who are less likely to be involved in smuggling.

“It is the belief now that if you are smoking marijuana, it means that you have access to it and you are likely a potential trafficker,” he explained.


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